Prepare your first visit For a sweet experience…


Plan to show up at least 15 minutes early to finalize your account details and to allow us to tour the facility.


Be sure to eat a “very” light meal before you arrive at the center. We also recommend that you stay well hydrated before and after your practice, and drink in small doses during your class.


We suggest you wear light, comfortable sports clothing. Tank top, shorts or leggings, ideally made of stretch fabric, and you’ll practice barefoot on your mat.


A yoga mat is mandatory. If you don’t have a mat, don’t worry, we can rent one for only $3 tx in.


It’s normal to sweat profusely during your hot yoga practice, so bring a small towel to blot your sweat.


We recommend that you always respect your limits, take breaks and adjust your postures as needed with the yoga props. Always choose the variation of postures that makes sense for your body among the different options offered by your teacher.


The yoga room is a sacred meditation space where silence is a priority. Be very discreet when you enter the room and set up your yoga space delicately.


Late arrivals are unfortunately not accepted. We recommend that you always arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, so that you can settle down and calm your mind before starting your practice.


Showers, hairdryers, shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, and make-up remover wipes are available in each changing room, so don’t forget your towel.

It’s your firts time on the massage table? To help us welcome you…


For your first visit to La Pause Massothérapie, plan to be there 10 minutes ahead of time to complete your health assessment.

* IMPORTANT : Please have a list of all your medications ready if you prefer to complete your check-up on site.


For everyone’s safety, we recommend that you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your treatment if you have cold or flu symptoms. Receiving a massage when the body is fighting an infection will require more effort from the immune system to restore balance, and may increase your symptoms and make the experience uncomfortable.


To avoid cancellation fees, please contact us at least 24h in advance.


Insurance receipts available.

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