What is Orthotherapy?

Orthotherapy combines principles from massage therapy and kinesiotherapy to alleviate muscle and joint pain, correct postural imbalances, and improve joint mobility.

Origins of Orthotherapy:

  • Created in the 1970s by Dr. Arthur Michele, an American orthopedic specialist;
  • Introduced to Quebec in 1975 and enriched by physiotherapists such as Yves Paré and other practitioners.

Objectives of Orthotherapy:

  • Alleviate muscle and joint pain, including headaches, lower back pain, tendinitis, etc;
  • Correct faulty postures and improve postural education;
  • Re-educate muscles to increase flexibility, reduce spasms and contractions, and promote better blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • Improve breathing and contribute to the elimination of toxins from the body.

Procedure of a Session:

  1. Deep Swedish massage to relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and reduce physical and psychological stress.
  2. Gentle mobilizations of limbs or certain body parts, done actively, passively, or in opposition.
  3. Suggestion of exercises to be done at home to maintain the achieved results.
  4. Advice on lifestyle, the use of natural products, and suggestions for modifying the work or home environment, if necessary.

In general, orthotherapy requires a limited number of sessions, usually fewer than 5, to help patients become more self-reliant and maintain their muscle and joint balance.

Source : Passeport Santé

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