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Balance exists… It’s all there… roll out your mat and connect to it.

Hot yoga at La Pause is a beneficial fusion between the practice of yoga and the benefits that heat has for the body and mind. With an emphasis on health, well-being and respect of your own limits, each practice is created to allow the body, muscles and joints to be strengthened while creating the space necessary to create muscular balance. Our approach is designed to be as accessible as possible, enabling beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis and yoginis to access all types of classes and practice at their own pace, in a simple and authentic way.

Choose from 4 levels of intensity depending on what your body craves.
La Pause intensité niveau 1

Gentle practice

Gentle stretching and mindfulness

La Pause intensité niveau 2

Moderate practice

Deep stretching and muscle strengthening

La Pause intensité niveau 3

Spicy practice

Dynamic and sustained sequences

La Pause intensité niveau 4

Intermediate / Advanced

Mastery of sequences, complex, and supported postures

Heat For comfort and relaxation

Since the dawn of time, heat has been a valuable ally in helping to relax the body in general, relieving aches, pains and muscular tension.

Our infrared and radiant systems mimic the sun’s rays and exclusively warm the elements inside the room, preserving a comfortable environment for our participants. We use heat because it naturally warms muscles, deep tissues and joints, promoting the release of muscular tension, relaxation and stress relief.

Our classes take place in a spacious 1,000 sq. ft. studio maintained at a temperature of 37°C and a humidity level between 20 % and 40 % to ensure optimal comfort. Furthermore, our studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system, fitted with filters to guarantee optimal air quality, providing a safe and pleasant experience.

Ambiance - La Pause Yoga and Massage Therapy Candiac

Hot Yoga Myths and realities

La Pause answers your questions about hot yoga.

Not at all. Sweating is mainly a way of regulating our body temperature, and is essentially made up of water and mineral salts. It’s the calories burned during exercise that contribute to fat loss, not the sweating itself. A dynamic yoga practice, 3 to 4 classes a week, a healthy diet and good hydration will help you maintain your figure and keep your body strong, supple and healthy. Hydrate before, during, and especially after your practice. Your body will need to be rehydrated to compensate for the water you lose (sweat) during your workout. Beware of advertising that promotes weight loss by sweating.
Sweating does not allow toxins to be evacuated. In fact, very few toxins are found in sweat. Instead, they are eliminated naturally by the liver and kidneys. There’s no doubt about it, sweat is a superhero for cooling the body, BUT NOT for cleaning it. So, move frequently, with or without sweat, to get the blood and oxygen flowing.
In fact, heat is a vasodilator. In other words, heat dilates the blood vessels and, combined with yoga postures, promotes tissue vascularization, tissue relaxation and organ decongestion. A cool or cold shower after your practice is also ideal for activating blood circulation. Indeed, cold causes small vessels to constrict (vasoconstriction), followed by vasodilation (dilation of these same vessels), which promotes venous return and lymphatic drainage.
Yoga, whether hot or at room temperature, boosts immunity. Studies show that active people are less susceptible to viruses. So stay active, eat well, sleep, reduce stress, and your immunity will be on top. Hot yoga is like the coup de grâce for a healthy life!
Sweat is like a body air conditioner, cooling the body when it’s too hot. Everyone sweats, beginners and pros, it’s part of the game. So don’t panic, sweating is not an indicator of fitness.
Nothing more than any other sport. As with any physical activity, the first thing to do is to prepare your body by warming up your muscles to avoid injury. With hot yoga, the heat prepares your muscles without any effort. But as your muscles are well warmed up, and more so than usual, we suggest that you stay in tune with your body and its limits, otherwise you’ll be in for a rude awakening!
Asthma, a concern? Rest assured, it shouldn’t stop you! In fact, sport can even help asthma sufferers by strengthening the lungs. However, beware of cold, dry air in winter, or overly hot, polluted air in summer, as they can trigger attacks. At La Pause Yoga Chaud, we control temperature and humidity to ensure perfect conditions. What’s more, hot yoga combines breathing with movement, soothing the nervous system, heart and mind.

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