Give your valued employees the gift of health Corporate yoga

Organize a group class at your office for a professional event, a get together after-work yoga, or surprise your employees with ‘La Totale’ experience in the hot yoga studio at La Pause.

There’s nothing like it to build trust within your team. Yoga brings people together to move without judgment, respecting their own limits, thus enhancing trust among team members.

Sessions can be held at your premises or in a heated or non-heated studio. Each group is unique, which is why every practice is fully customized to meet everyone’s needs and expectations.

  • Personalized session
  • Sequences and postures suitable for all levels
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Meditation technique
  • Conscious breathing techniques
Yoga Classes for Corporate Employees - La Pause Yoga and Massage Therapy Candiac


At your premises or at our La Pause studio


Between 8:00AM and 6:00PM

Price per session

60-minute session: $245.00 + applicable taxes

Contact us to discuss your team project!

More calm, more gentleness and peace Yoga in schools

More than ever, studies show that the benefits of a regular practice by our youngest and oldest children considerably improve concentration in class, stimulate creativity, motivation and so many other benefits!

Our certified teachers can come to your premises to offer guided sessions and lead your students through the different branches of yoga.

The physical postures of yoga stimulate different areas of the brain. Deep breathing (pranayama) and guided meditations also have a beneficial effect on stress reduction, by altering the response in the lobes of the brain.

Yoga Classes for Students and Schools - La Pause Yoga and Massage Therapy Candiac
Who is it for?
For your high-energy students, the ultra-extroverts or for the more reserved who need physical stimulation, yoga can meet a number of objectives: the self-awareness that children develop through confrontation with others, sociability, and the awareness of belonging to a group.
For younger children, yoga activities revolve around stories, playful images, animated fables and sensory games. From the age of 8-9, you can move on to more structured sessions with more precise postures, games and breathing exercises, and attention and concentration exercises such as meditation.

Make your classroom a place where your students can flourish! By including yoga in your educational program, it will quickly become an invaluable tool that will help them learn more about themselves and facilitate their personal growth. Yoga will help them to become aware of their bodies in space, to develop their self-confidence and better apprehend the world around us.


At your premises or at our La Pause studio


Between 8:00AM and 4:00PM

Price per session

On request

Contact us to inquire about available schedules and rates.

Customize a unique event or plan a weekly session.

For more details, please contact us