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Our mission To take care of you

Our team of wellness wizards has been trained to offer you the tools and personalized care you need to keep your body strong, flexible and healthy. A variety of yoga classes and a wide range of treatments focused on the prevention and rehabilitation of joint and muscle injuries, to maintain or regain optimal physical, psychological and emotional health.

In the beautiful town of Candiac, La Pause Yoga et Massothérapie invites you to come and enjoy a unique experience, in a soothing, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our story Good hearted and passionate people

What makes La Pause so unique is the union that binds our large and beautiful community together.

Whether you visit us for a clinical care or a yoga class, whether you’re a teacher, volunteer or therapist, a strong relationship exists between all its members, forming a whole. The center was born of a deep, shared intention: to do good around us, by taking care of you.

Our Story - La Pause Yoga and Massage Therapy Candiac
Josiane Dubé - La Pause Yoga and Massage Therapy Candiac

All About Hot Yoga at La Pause

At La Pause, yoga practices are guided in a heated room (37 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees during summer season) with an area of 1000 square feet and equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation system. Our facilities are equipped with high-efficiency EPA air filters that filter particles such as dust, pollen, or microorganisms (bacteria and viruses). The room is heated by a combination of infrared and radiant heating systems (which heat only the objects in the room, not the ambient air). It is also equipped with a temperature and humidity controller (between 20% and 40%), providing a comfortable temperature and humidity level for the body.

Why use heat?
Heat is mainly used because it helps naturally relax, soften, and warm the muscles and joints effortlessly. It is also very effective in relieving pain from certain injuries, soreness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle and joint tension, as well as for its comforting and enveloping quality.

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